Q: What is the purpose cumhunt.com?
A: Cumhunt.com was created to fill the need of adult gay and bisexual, male identified, men who seek out oral sex and cum eating who are not being served by other dating and cruising sites.

Q: Why won't my photo upload to my profile?
A: Most often this is due to the photo being too large for the system. We have a limit of 1MB per photo. If your photo is larger than that and you need help getting it on your profile, please send your images to gordreece@factoryvideosinc.com and he will re-size it and add it to your profile for you. He may also help you with photos you'd like to crop other people out of, etc.

Q: How do I delete my profile?
A: log in to your account, click the tab "My Profile", then click "Edit Profile". Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Profile Unregister".

Q: How do i cancel my subscription to cumhunt?
A: You must go to: (CCBill)

Q: Is cum eating safe?
A: Yes, Ask your doctor for the truth about oral sex and HIV transmission.
or learn more at: (UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies)

Q: How can I pay for your services?
A: Secure Billing is available through our payment processor, CCBill. We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Debt. Pay online or by phone.

Q: What name will be displayed on my credit card statement?
A: To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as CCBill.com *Factory Vide on your credit card statement.

Q: Can I be a Model for cumhunt and cumpigmen.com?
A: Yes, Send your pics and profile link to casting@factoryvideos.com